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Writing A Book Will Save Your Life

I know, I know. Bold statement. And I wholeheartedly believe it.

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, you should) perhaps you have seen my posts on "12 reasons to write a book", all of which culminate to this utterly bold statement that Writing a Book Will Save Your Life.

If you have ever thought to yourself that you should write a book, stay with me. I am sure you will connect to some, if not all of these reasons. If you have heard your friend say they should write a book, then please share this blog with them! It might just be the words they need to hear. So without further ado ...

12 Reasons to Write a Book

#12 - Marketing For Your Business

Being the author of a book about your field of business is a high level means of advertising.

#11 - Gathering All Knowledge Into One Place

You know more than you think! Bringing it all into one place can help support yourself and others.

#10 - Show Your Expertise

Writing a book will show your audience your level of expertise, ultimately gaining their trust.

#9 - Become a Clear Leader in Your Industry

Set yourself apart from others in your industry by becoming a published author.

#8 - Teach and Inspire

Support others on their journey by offering your knowledge and experience in a way that can be learned at their own pace.

#7 - Stand in Your Empowerment

Writing a book filled with your knowledge and experiences is an incredibly powerful act.

#6 - Build Connection

We all love to share stories about the people we have met and experiences we've had. Stories are what connect us to one another.

#5 - Share Lived Experiences We can study as much as we want, but the truth is, it is our lived experiences that really brings our knowledge to the table.

#4 - Allow Others To See Themself Though You

Have you ever heard someone share their story and think "me too!" or "oh thank goodness I am not alone. Give this gift to your readers.

#3 - Use and Strengthen Your Voice

Often our voices become stifled through our conditioning and the masses. Writing your story brings strength back to your voice and the world.

#2 - Heal Others

By giving others the opportunity to see themselves though you, you tap into the collective consciousness that can heal hearts and souls.

#1 - Heal Yourself

Writing your story and sharing your knowledge is a powerful way of c processing information (I like to call this "emotional processing system"), releasing it from your system to free us stuck energy, ultimately bringing your heart and soul into alignment. And when we heal ourselves, the ripple effect of healing is massive.

This is why I feel so confidant is saying, writing a book will save your life.

When it comes to being a writing coach, my area of focus is not in supporting you to simply churn out information. I am here to support you in telling your story. In helping you to work though and process lived experiences, and to share your growth so that you can come through to the other side transformed.

The act of writing is so healing! You become the channel for healing energy that writing brings. It is like taking a big old duster and cleaning out all of the thoughts and memories that are jamming up your system.

Your story matters and the world deserves to hear it.

If you have ever wanted to write a book, I want you to know that this is the universe tapping you on the shoulder, begging you to bring it forward, so that others may heal from it too.

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