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Unleash Your Inner Author

Knowing that you want to write a book and knowing how to are two very different things, which is why I created Unleash Your Inner Author, a 2 hour 1:1 Intensive Masterclass where I will teach you everything you need to know to write a manuscript. By the end of our time together you will have both a solid foundation from which to write and a full body YES on why your want to write..


Unleash Your Inner Author is for anyone who has a personal story that is begging to emerge. It is for all of you who have endure life experiences that you know will create a ripple effect of healing. Sharing our stories is very powerful. It helps us to relate, connect, and see ourselves and others through the lens of compassion and grace, while being held in the safety of collective learning. 

Reading Glasses on Book

Working Together.

Let's start a revolution, shall we?

This may sound utopian but I truly believe that when we come together to share our stories, powerful shifts start to happen, both within and in the world around us.

In this 2 hour Intensive Masterclass container we will come together to learn the what, why, how and who, so that you can share your story in the most energized way. Together we will strip away the stores that are hiding your truth that undoubtedly has the potential to change lives. 

We will work through practices and lessons that will help you to:

  • find you empowered voice

  • set up a strong foundation for your story to launch from

  • discover the through line for your story

  • organize your content with a powerful structure

  • be of service to the world with your unique story

When writing your story it is common to come up against blocks and get caught in emotional loops. With this understanding I will help you to navigate your inner world through ...

  • compassionately guided self inquiry

  • grounding practices

  • visualization and somatic work

  • intuitive guidance 

Valued at:

Your story is important and deserves to be heard! 

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